Teaching Your Kids New Words through Solving Crossword Puzzles:

Summary: Teaching kids is not an easy task, but this task can be made easier with some
effective tools like crossword puzzles.
The popular saying of Albert Einstein reads that ‘It is the supreme art of the teacher to 
awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge’. Many teachers these days have 
understood the importance of using some teaching aids that can make reading enjoyable for 
the kids. Generally, when things are taught in a fun-filled and playful manner, kids will 
never forget the concepts. This is where crossword puzzles can turn out to be excellent 
learning tools for children. If you are a teacher or if you are an individual preparing yourself 
for teaching position, here are some details that will help you:
When you encourage the love of answering puzzles in your students, you are surely finding 
the right tool that will help in overall development. For after-school summer activities like 
camping and reading, puzzles can turn out to be excellent tools. Apart from making sure 
that kids will enjoy, it is important that you will have to make sure that the activity that you 
choose should be engaging and should contribute towards the growth of your students. This 
is what crossword puzzles are all about.
Identify the appropriate crossword puzzle:
In general, crossword puzzles will be in the same format and they have boxes that go up 
and down. Clues for finding words across will also be given and with the help of the clues 
the words should be identified for arriving at the complete solution. As you are looking for 
some crossword puzzles for children, you can find them in comic books meant for children 
and even there are also websites that are specially meant for offering these sorts of puzzles 
and games especially for kids. So, you should be careful about choosing the puzzles that are 
appropriate for the age of the kids in your class. 
Some online gaming portals will have the facility to choose the age of the kid, such that 
appropriate puzzle will show up. You can choose such a type of website as well to find the 
suitable puzzle for your class children.
Initiate learning of new words through crossword:
These are stated to be excellent tools to introduce new words to children. Not just children, 
adults can also learn new words when they choose crosswords that are meant for adults.
For teaching concepts:
It is not essential that you should use crossword puzzles only for teaching some English 
words. But, you can also, use them as a means of teaching some concepts to the children. 
The reason is that they can easily learn facts for tests through these puzzles besides 
enjoying the fun aspect associated with them. Puzzles are known to kindle and inspire kids 
on how to use rationality, perceptive, language, spelling and organizational skills. Even, 
they will understand the elimination technique as well when they are taught how to use this 
great educational tool.
As they are associated with recreational activity, they will make the process of learning less 
intimidating for children. In addition, crossword puzzles have the benefit of appealing to 
varied learning styles. 
Educational value of crossword puzzles:
 Initially, solving crossword puzzles will involve different useful skills inclusive of word 
attack, spelling, reasoning and vocabulary.
 To be able to solve such a puzzle, it is important that the kid should be able to 
identify and understand the clues. Even though, initially children will have difficulty in 
identifying the clues, but with regular practice and when you teach them, they can 
do the same without difficulty.
• With regular practice, they will also be able to differentiate between similar words 
and phrases.
 In addition, they will also learn the correct spelling for different words in a playful 
manner. The reason is that only when they use the correct spelling in the puzzle, 
they can arrive at the complete puzzle.
 Other skills needed for solving these puzzles include making interfaces, evaluation of 
choices and drawing conclusions.
Apart from these benefits, the important benefit associated with using them as learning 
tools in classroom is that they are recreational, besides being less intimidating for children 
as review tools.
Active learning:
Students, who are generally hesitant at review sessions, flashcards and practice tests with 
teacher, will find puzzle-solving to be less threatening as it will be more like a play.  Each 
and every kid in the classroom will involve in active learning. Studies show that visual 
learners are generally powerful in solving puzzles and they will feel highly satisfied when 
they are able to solve one, which in turn will boost their confidence in performing well in 
Suitable for different styles of learners:
Generally, when we take a classroom, each kid will have different styles of learning. 
However, it will be difficult for a teacher to identify the style of each of her student, 
particularly when the class strength is huge. But, not just for visual learners, crossword 
puzzles as learning tools in classroom can be suitable for other types of learners as well, like 
those mentioned below:
 Auditory learners will enjoy step-by-step reasoning and so when they are given the 
opportunity to solve crossword puzzles in a sequential manner, they will learn 
concepts easily.
 Furthermore, kids with kinesthetic learning skills will enjoy multitasking strategies 
needed for solving the puzzle.
Besides these learners, the teachers also have the benefit of customizing the crossword 
puzzles appropriate for each student to encourage a good learning.
Sharpening mental skills:
When a teacher uses this puzzle as the educational tool in her class, she will be in a position 
to make sure that the mental skills of her students will sharpen.
 When a kid is taught to learn each clue carefully, after looking at the corresponding 
slots, he/she can know the number of letters the answer will have.
 In addition, the child should be taught that for each letter that he/she fills in 
correctly, an additional clue will be open for the corresponding boxes.
 Kids will love the challenge associated with successfully completing the entire puzzle.
 With enough creativity and practice, the child will sooner or later arrive at the right 
So, crossword puzzles can be used as excellent teaching tool in classroom to make the 
process of learning less intimidating for children.