NY Times Crossword Answers – May 21 2017

___-Foy, Que
___ Mill (California gold rush site)
Wrangler alternative
Words after hit or knock
Without exception
Western lily
Went on an African hunting expedition
Weasel out of
Water carrier
W.W. II zone, for short
Vowel sound in ‘hard’ and ‘start’
Upholstery problem
United Nations entrant of 1949: Abbr
Two-time Wimbledon winner Lew
Those with clout
The Bible on where Prince Harry learned horticulture?
The Bible on ruined sugar crops?
The Bible on political horse trading?
The Bible on directions to hell?
The Bible on diet food?
The Bible on camera problems?
The Bible on bad business practices?
The Bible on an alien invasion?
The Bible on a taboo musical instrument?
The Bible on a climactic part of a baseball game?
Test site
Symbol in trigonometry
Storms of the 1990s
Stooge with a bowl cut
Start of many recipe steps
Square dance group, e.g
Sportswear brand
Sportscaster Dick
Spacewalk, for short
Something poking through the clouds
Skilled banker?
Sign of spring
Sierra Nevada, e.g
Shade of white
Setting for spring in Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’
Scale sequence
Safety device
Runners behind O-lines
Rear half?
Reacts to an awesome sight
Rave review
Quiet place to pray
Putin ally
Purchase via Charles Schwab: Abbr
Prefix with con
Pompeii problem
Political writer Kenneth
Photo finish?
Perino of Fox News
Pass carefully
Part of a chorus line?
Parent vis-√†-vis a child’s loan, maybe
OT enders, sometimes
Org. in a le Carré novel
Online mischief-makers
One of the original Mouseketeers
One doing heavy lifting
Nursery rhyme boy
Number of weeks per annum?
Night school subj
Newport event
New York town on the Hudson
Mrs. Michael Jordan
Motrin alternative
Mortgage deal, for short
Matter of debate
Losing ground?
Long, long time
Like our numerals
Like all official football games
LAX listing
Just slightly
Japanese relative of a husky
Its slogan is ‘Family City U.S.A.’
Item near a stereo
Ireland’s ___ Fein
In la-la land
Golfer’s concern
Get going
French assembly
Forum farewells
Final bit
Film in which Scarlett Johansson is heard but not seen
Fable finale
Essential parts
Escape slowly
Erich who wrote ‘Love Story’
Don Quixote’s squire
Destination from the E.R
Cries at unveilings
Conical construction
Confessor’s confessions
Commercial success?
Cardinal letters
Burma’s first P.M
Buc or Bronco
Blood work report abbr
Being part of a secret
Before: Abbr
Avoid boredom, say
Arafat’s successor as P.L.O. chairman
Approaches aggressively
Actress Thurman
A wee hour
A long way off
A hill of beans?
62-Down’s political party
1987 Best Actress winner
‘Would ___?’
‘Unfinished’ Symphony composer
‘Take me ___’
‘Peer Gynt’ character
‘Oh wow!’
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