NY Times Crossword Answers – May 21 2017

___ de Janeiro
Word sung three times before ‘for the home team’ in ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’
Word after bass or treble
With 43- and 76-Across, camping aid
Windshield feature
Where all roads lead, it’s said
Third-party account
They’re ‘Red’ in Boston and ‘White’ in Chicago
Tehran native
Sign of a sellout
See 1-Across
See 1-Across
Sault ___ Marie, Mich
Resurrection figure
Removed, as chalk
Refuge during the Great Flood
Pool table triangle
Pong game maker
Place to play the slots
Org. advocating pet adoption
One function of 1-/43-/76-Across
One function of 1-/43-/76-Across
One function of 1-/43-/76-Across
One function of 1-/43-/76-Across
Nuts for squirrels
Not new
Not fooled by
Nest eggs for later years, in brief
Mournful bell sounds
Memorable 2011 hurricane
Medicare drug benefit
Maple syrup source
Madison and Fifth in Manhattan: Abbr
Like baseball’s Pacific Coast League
Library ID
King of the gods in Wagner’s ‘Ring’ cycle
Is in debt
Inverse trig function
Insect in a colony
Indy vehicles
Home of ‘Monday Night Football’
Historical periods
Heroin or Vicodin
Handsome man
Greek goddess of victory
Gives the go-ahead
Form of a papyrus document
Fix, as a knot
Feature lacked by Helvetica type
Fairy tale’s first word
Double curves, as on highways
Do, re or mi
Cuisine with kimchi
Coverings pulled across infields
Corp. head
Concorde, for short
Cole ___ (side dish)
Chop (off)
Chef Lagasse
Casting out of a demon
Came clean, with ‘up’
Band that made Justin Timberlake famous
Bale binder
Altar area
All a tanker can hold
Airport screening org
Agent, in brief
1950s prez
12 months, in Tijuana
‘___ before beauty’
‘S.N.L.’ alum Cheri
‘Quaking’ tree
‘Purple ___’ (Prince hit)
‘No’ votes
‘Mr.’ on the Enterprise
‘I’d be delighted’ – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-22-2017#sthash.Ij5GL3Zi.dpuf

NY Times Crossword Answers – May 21 2017

___-Foy, Que
___ Mill (California gold rush site)
Wrangler alternative
Words after hit or knock
Without exception
Western lily
Went on an African hunting expedition
Weasel out of
Water carrier
W.W. II zone, for short
Vowel sound in ‘hard’ and ‘start’
Upholstery problem
United Nations entrant of 1949: Abbr
Two-time Wimbledon winner Lew
Those with clout
The Bible on where Prince Harry learned horticulture?
The Bible on ruined sugar crops?
The Bible on political horse trading?
The Bible on directions to hell?
The Bible on diet food?
The Bible on camera problems?
The Bible on bad business practices?
The Bible on an alien invasion?
The Bible on a taboo musical instrument?
The Bible on a climactic part of a baseball game?
Test site
Symbol in trigonometry
Storms of the 1990s
Stooge with a bowl cut
Start of many recipe steps
Square dance group, e.g
Sportswear brand
Sportscaster Dick
Spacewalk, for short
Something poking through the clouds
Skilled banker?
Sign of spring
Sierra Nevada, e.g
Shade of white
Setting for spring in Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’
Scale sequence
Safety device
Runners behind O-lines
Rear half?
Reacts to an awesome sight
Rave review
Quiet place to pray
Putin ally
Purchase via Charles Schwab: Abbr
Prefix with con
Pompeii problem
Political writer Kenneth
Photo finish?
Perino of Fox News
Pass carefully
Part of a chorus line?
Parent vis-à-vis a child’s loan, maybe
OT enders, sometimes
Org. in a le Carré novel
Online mischief-makers
One of the original Mouseketeers
One doing heavy lifting
Nursery rhyme boy
Number of weeks per annum?
Night school subj
Newport event
New York town on the Hudson
Mrs. Michael Jordan
Motrin alternative
Mortgage deal, for short
Matter of debate
Losing ground?
Long, long time
Like our numerals
Like all official football games
LAX listing
Just slightly
Japanese relative of a husky
Its slogan is ‘Family City U.S.A.’
Item near a stereo
Ireland’s ___ Fein
In la-la land
Golfer’s concern
Get going
French assembly
Forum farewells
Final bit
Film in which Scarlett Johansson is heard but not seen
Fable finale
Essential parts
Escape slowly
Erich who wrote ‘Love Story’
Don Quixote’s squire
Destination from the E.R
Cries at unveilings
Conical construction
Confessor’s confessions
Commercial success?
Cardinal letters
Burma’s first P.M
Buc or Bronco
Blood work report abbr
Being part of a secret
Before: Abbr
Avoid boredom, say
Arafat’s successor as P.L.O. chairman
Approaches aggressively
Actress Thurman
A wee hour
A long way off
A hill of beans?
62-Down’s political party
1987 Best Actress winner
‘Would ___?’
‘Unfinished’ Symphony composer
‘Take me ___’
‘Peer Gynt’ character
‘Oh wow!’
‘Children of the Albatross’ author – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-21-2017#sthash.fKBvkXwE.dpuf

NY Times Crossword Answers – May 20 2017

[Just like that!]
Work that shows love
Western legend, familiarly
Welcomed blessing?
Vegan sushi option
Things with periods in their names
They can’t stay quiet when tickled
The Philippines’ ___ Archipelago
Stadium cry
Sprint competitor
Spanish seasoning
Some shooting stars
Some chess sacrifices
Snapchat feature that alters one’s features
Sloppy joe ingredient
Ski town near Mount Mansfield
Run through
Regional coverage plan?
Real-life ice age beast seen on ‘Game of Thrones’
Reading block?
Political cartoonist Edward
Player, perhaps
Played for a sap
Place to pick up chicks
Part of a modern circuit
Optometrist’s favorite musical note?
Onetime MTV figures
New Orleans cocktail
Muckraker who pushed for ‘model tenements’
Metric for gauging female representation in works of fiction
Marble ___
Like some light smokes
Like bad drivers, often
Like a film that’s 2 1/2 hours or so
Like a blue jay
Lab, for one
Hamilton settings
Gullible rodent in a Scott Adams comic
Got into a lather
Gearshift part
French pronoun
Fish market supply
Extended stretch
Egyptian sky god
Edamame discard
Driving the wrong way?
Control+Y on a PC
Celebratory move popularized by Cam Newton
Bunny picker-upper?
Brazil’s fourth-largest state by population
Bit of work
Bit of work
Became clouded over
Amplifier for stage actors
Actor Ansari
‘That’s cheating!’
‘None but the Lonely Heart’ writer/director, 1944
‘Mr.’ who has stitches in his face
‘Meridian’ and ‘The Temple of My Familiar’ novelist
‘Look before you leap’ source
‘Listen!,’ e.g
‘Heck yeah!’ – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-20-2017#sthash.dY4lIwMS.dpuf

NY Times Crossword Answers – May 19 2017

___ pros. (lawsuit abbr.)
Wrongly assumed
What motivates people to get to first base during a game?
What makes consumers blush?
Weightlifter’s concern
Walk all over
W.W. II service member
Voice-activated Amazon device
View from Catania
They’re favorites
They may be soaked up
Survivor’s cry
Strong and majestic
Still learning the ropes of
Started to work
Some patrons: Abbr
Size zero, say
Show great fondness
Sheet music abbr
Savory Indian appetizer
Rid of inefficient extras
Qualifier in 46-Across
Put back together
Port whistler
Plays peacemaker
Photo ID issuers
Pet sounds
Part of a blended family
Origination point of some drips
Org. for forensic specialist Abby Sciuto
Old-fashioned letter opener
Naturally blind
Nailing a performance
Mothered or fathered
Moorish castle
Messages with emojis
Means of travel for a V.I.P
Marking for a very soft passage
Large W.W. II area: Abbr
Its honorees plan to become one
It shares a key with a caret
It may be poached
Heavy rain
Having hit successfully, say
Half spoken, half sung
Get sidetracked
French filmdom
Eponym of USA Track & Field’s highest award
Dogged it
Crafty sort
Competitor of Cartier
Commander during John Brown’s capture in 1859
Classic arcade game with a glass backboard that shatters
Class clown’s comeuppance
Bratty girl on ‘Little House on the Prairie’
Article of attire with strings
Agenda-topping issue
88 or 98
86 or 99
‘The ponytail’s hipster cousin,’ per GQ
‘Let’s get real here …’
‘It’s now or never’ – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-19-2017#sthash.knEBL8BX.dpuf

NY Times Crossword Answers – May 18 2017

___ party
___ jacket
___ diet
___ car
x, y or z follower
Where all-terrain vehicles go
What two people may ride in
What blinks on a telephone may signify: Abbr
Was idle
Utah ski town
Turn over
Tuned in
Tick off
TBS show starting in 2010
Subject of Chekhov’s ‘The Cherry Orchard’
Subj. for a diplomat, maybe
Studio figure
StarKist competitor
Stack of sheets
Stable stuff
Some foreign correspondents
Show with a record 200+ Emmy noms
Series curtailer: Abbr
Run smoothly
Risk mutual destruction, say
Question raised by four squares in this puzzle?
Polish target
Plan for achieving a long-term goal
Person getting up there in years
Part of a workout routine
Noted Warner Bros. toon
Muse invoked in ‘Paradise Lost’
Move furtively, in a way
Most nuts
Mean something
Lover boys
Like know-it-alls
Letters on a stamp
Legal hurdle?
Keeping elbows off the table, e.g
It’s often rough: Abbr
It’s hit with a mallet
Island capital named for a European royal house
How the boat goes down the stream, in a children’s song
Highway adjacent to a throughway
Had a 58-Down, e.g
Galena, for one
First, second and third, exactly
Facts and figures
Fabric store purchase
Egg ___
Deserter of a cause
Derek Jeter, for the Yankees
Deplete (of)
Decides one way or the other
Coop material
Common cue
Choreographer’s concern
Chattahoochee River city
Be out for a bit?
BART : San Francisco :: ___ : Philadelphia
Astronomers’ sightings
Assemble in a field, say
Aesop character
A raised hand might indicate it
A bit sharp, maybe
‘y = 2x,’ e.g
‘The Simpsons’ character who wears a bow tie at work
‘Madness in great ___ must not unwatch’d go’: ‘Hamlet’
‘Look out!’
‘Le Coq ___’ – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-18-2017#sthash.Q4d7cdK9.dpuf

NY Times Crossword Answers – May 17 2017

___ wave (oscilloscope output)
World capital on the 60th parallel
Website for D.I.Y.ers
Utensils for making hash browns
Tributary of the Colorado
Transport de Montréal
Thing to practice percussion on
Succeed in annoying
Something to kick, maybe
Soccer superstar Lionel
Scatter, as seeds
Ruling family of old Florence
Results of sacrifices
Queen of the Greek gods
Prank-pulling sort
Play about Capote
Pesticide banned in the ’70s
Passage off Gibraltar, e.g
Oklahoma tribe
Obsolete repro machine
Nicknames for 41-Acrosses
Muscles worked by bench presses
Moore of ‘G.I. Jane’
Merino mother
Marinade alternative
Like some international exchanges
Like soap operas
Like light beers
Levy on polluters, e.g
Laughing gas and rust, for two
Kind of dancer
John’s running mate in 2008
Invites for tea, say
How confident solvers may solve
Hosiery shades
Home to Henry VIII’s Catherine
Hemsworth of ‘The Hunger Games’
Helped oneself to
Hand-wringer’s emotion
Grid org. with a 110-yard field
Good-to-go signals
Gives the slip to
For grades K-12
Fig. on a W-9
Eat, eat, eat, with ‘out’
Drive-up convenience
Dory propeller
Did in, as a dragon
Dead Sea Scrolls writer
Crooks’ patterns, to cops
Cotton planter’s headache
Beatle who sang ‘Octopus’s Garden’
Be litigious
Asians who play elephant polo
Apply sloppily
Angsty music genre
Alternative to Thrifty or Dollar
Adorn with raised designs
… seconds to clear / Successful detective’s ..
… for a loop, say / Area that an N.B.A. team has eight ..
… declaration / Critical computer ..
… component / Dreaded words in a video ..
… arcade / Knocked ..
‘S.N.L.’ alum Cheri
‘Roger that’
‘Ich bin ___ Berliner’
‘Hmm, how shall ___ this?’
‘Hello, Dolly!’ singer, informally
‘Fireside chats’ monogram
‘Baby Got Back’ Grammy winner Sir ___ – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-17-2017#sthash.5h0Tx5j6.dpuf

NY Times Crossword Answers – May 16 2017

[You crack me up]
Word repeated in ‘Ring Around the Rosy’ before ‘We all fall down’
Whopper inventor
Whole slew
WASHINGTON + R = Intimidation tactic
View, as the future
Victim of river diversion in Asia
Straight downhill run on skis
SoCal force
Smoked marijuana
Short dance wear
Shaving mishaps
Segment of a binge-watch
Salad green
Sacagawea dollar, e.g
S. Amer. home of the tango
Rode the bench
Rears of ships
Put off
Professional headgear that’s stereotypically red
Prince William’s mom
Prepares to shoot near the basket, say
Places where oysters are served
Phishing targets, briefly
Phishing target: Abbr
Passes by
Outer protein shell of a virus
Option words
One-in-a-million event
Nod from offstage, maybe
Neither here nor there?
NEBRASKA + T = Mortgage specifications
Muslim leader
Mule’s father
MISSOURI + E = ‘No fooling!’
MARYLAND + O = Period in which nothing special happens
Martin who wrote ‘London Fields’
Marching well
Laborious task
Imps are little ones
Hunter’s freezerful, maybe
Honor with insults
Got some sun
Get dog-tired
Gave an exam
Futures analyst?
Famous Tokyo-born singer
Evelyn Waugh’s writer brother
English johns
Complete block
Chicago squad in old ‘S.N.L.’ skits
Charge for a plug?
CALIFORNIA + N = Majestic beast
Big inits. in the aerospace industry
Ballet step
Aid for administering an oath of office
Affected manner
A Bobbsey twin
1920s car
‘___ it ironic?’
‘You win,’ alternatively
‘Understood, dude’
‘Divergent’ actor James
‘Curious George’ books, e.g
‘Celeste Aida,’ e.g – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-16-2017#sthash.cd3zYSR4.dpuf

NY Times Crossword Answers – May 15 2017

Wonderland girl
With 62-Down, a spring festival
Weaving machine
Virus in 2014 news
The Enterprise, for example
Talked incessantly
Symbols of resistance
Spy novelist Deighton
Special Forces cap
Soft drink in a green bottle
Smallest OPEC nation
Skirt fold
Sigher’s words
See 10-Down
Schoolteacher’s org
Schmoozing gossip
Quetzalcoatl worshiper
Pub purchases
Polo mount
Played (with)
Pig’s digs
Paths of pendulums
Part of a person’s psyche … or a hidden part of 18-, 23-, 39- or 48-Across?
Opera highlight
One-third of pitching’s Triple Crown, for short
Nelson Mandela’s org
Navigation instrument
Mathematician Turing who was the subject of ‘The Imitation Game’
Many Monty Python skits
Mani-pedi place
Letter that doesn’t need an envelope or stamp
Historic California route, with ‘El’
Govt.-issued security
Got into a row?
Genetic copies
Fruit often seen in still lifes
French designer’s monogram
Forwards, as a misdelivered letter
Fable’s message
Election mo
Elaine’s last name on ‘Seinfeld’
Easel, e.g
Ducked (out) furtively
Divisions of a play
Division of a play
Desirable feature of a rented room
Designer Geoffrey
Crumb carriers
Cpl., e.g
Common computer peripherals
Command between ‘Ready!’ and ‘Fire!’
College officials
Chocolate-covered morsel often eaten at the movies
Chill out
Century 21 rival
Car deal that’s not a purchase
Bottoms of high-tops
Bother persistently
Book with handwritten thoughts
Black wood
Ancient France
Altar affirmation
2016 film for which Viggo Mortensen earned an Oscar nomination
2000 Summer Olympics city
‘___ Enchanted’ (2004 film)
‘Was ___ das?’ (German question)
‘Super’ group buying campaign ads
‘High’ times
‘Here’s to the newlyweds!,’ e.g
‘Gimme a minute’ – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-15-2017#sthash.sbicXkZv.dpuf

NY Times Crossword Answers – May 14 2017

___ up on (conspiring against)
___ Gunderson, sad sack on ‘The Simpsons’
[That’s painful!]
You might find one under a Christmas tree
Yoga equipment
Wings, to zoologists
White House worker
Where you might stop before going home
Where teams that have little-to-no chance of winning are found
What old couches tend to do
Waters and Kennedy
Was belligerent
Vulgar sort
Vinick’s portrayer on ‘The West Wing’
U.S. heartland
Treated with malice
Transform, as larvae
Tool for talking online
Threaten to fall
Think over
They provide backing for churchgoers
They may be unforced
Theft preventer … or theft encourager
Syringe sensations
Suburb of Minneapolis
Start of a boast
Smooth transition
Sinus suffix
Singer/reality TV personality Aubrey
Sight at a red-carpet event
Sibelius’s ‘Valse ___’
Setting for John Ford’s ‘My Darling Clementine’
Searcher for ‘the lost village,’ in film
Sarah Palin, by birth
Russian film director Tarkovsky
Roadside stop
Rescues a foundling, say
Relative of a brasserie
Reindeer moss, e.g
Rapper with the 4x platinum album ‘Views’
R&R by oneself
Profiting from the misfortunes of others
Prince Buster’s genre
Power machine in woodworking
Poison victim’s remedy
Phoenix event
Peter out
Person pretty far up the corporate ladder
Part of a dead man’s hand
Part of a chain
Org. that delivers
Onetime tool for talking online
One using 32-Across, e.g
One of the Nixon daughters
No longer in the company, say
News highlights
Neglected one, stereotypically
Necklace parts
Mushroom makers
Mezzo-soprano, for female voices
Many profs
Many ‘Star Trek’ characters, for short
Line to a pilot?
Lavish with attention
La preceder
Juicy bits, in slang
Item for a cafeteria worker
It lacks locks
Inhabitant of the ocean’s benthic zone
Indulging (oneself) in self-satisfaction
Hybrid citrus
Huey, Dewey and Louie, e.g
Home of Zeno and Parmenides
Home of the highest point in Africa
Heathrow facilities
Having correct opinions
H.S.-level exam
Grand pooh-bahs
Gliding step, in ballet
Full of lip
Fox neighbor
Fishing item
First-year law student
First word in a Shakespeare title
Figures out
Fidel’s brother
Fictional woodcutter
Dropped out
Director Guillermo ___ Toro
Did a cobbler’s job on
Dexterous one
Cult leader killed in the Waco siege
Cry to a sled dog
Credit card provider, e.g
Creature also called a catamount
Contribute to a radio show
Contraction lacking just a ‘v’
Coming-out words
Colossal head sculptors
City SSW of Seattle
Cherished by
Chaucer’s tongue
Charts again
Brings up a menu with a PC mouse
Brangelina was one
Boneless cut
Blind side protector, usually, in an offensive line
Battle-torn Syrian city
Apple of Discord thrower
Angel dust
Aisle’s head?
Actor Don
Accountant’s list
405, to Flavius
‘Who ___?’
‘Told you so!’
‘The Late Show’ airer
‘Is that so?’ – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-14-2017#sthash.oU3XGsdJ.dpuf

NY Times Crossword Answers – May 13 2017

___ Yantra (sacred Hindu diagram formed by nine interlocking triangles)
___ stand
___ of Langerhans (part of the pancreas)
Work together
Woman’s name meaning ‘peace’
With 41-Across, one bending unexpectedly?
What ‘:’ can mean
Went nowhere
Tree-tapping spigot
Tiny cheese sandwiches, of a sort
They’re old and tired
They’re often upsetting
Teachers of karma
Take a shot
Stumble out of the gate, say
Strong, sharp smell
Some wasp nest sites
Some sporty Italian wheels
See 25-Down
River that forms part of the England/Wales boundary
Rid of impurities
Quinceañera, for 15-year-old girls
Pro’s opposite, in slang
Powerful tool for Dumbledore
Plant watcher, for short
Places frequented by Dorian Gray
Parting of the clouds, maybe
Paid to play
One likely to have a large collection of albums
Nonnative plant?
Nest-raiding insect
Neither up nor down
Meeting on the DL
Ironman race, briefly
Instrument with a needle, for short
Ingredient in 22-Across
Ignorant middle class, per H. L. Mencken
High-quality window composition
Grammy-winning R. Kelly hit of 1996
Fortune Global 500 bank
Follows a healthful diet
Flowers named after the Greek word for ‘star’
Dish made from 7-Down
Declaration after looking at one’s cards
Cut of meat
Computer icon, e.g
Collected works
Christmas decoration
Boris Pasternak heroine
Bat around
Baroque artist Guido
Band with the gold-certified albums ‘Tres Hombres’ and ‘El Loco’
Abbr. by a blinking light
A thread winds around it
1994 Peace Prize sharer
‘Wag the Dog’ co-star, 1997
‘The Simpsons’ aunt
‘No need to elaborate’
‘Eww, stop!’ – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-13-2017#sthash.YCS8RG7W.dpuf